Saturday, December 08, 2012

Ethical Oil Update: Jamie Ellerton Demoted?

I emailed Jamie Ellerton, who until recently was listed as Executive Director of the Ethical Oil Institute, and he was kind enough to respond as follows:

I remain with Ethical Oil as the part-time spokesperson. Stay tuned for what's to come in the new year.

Now that's interesting, as it implies he no longer holds the above-noted title.  And, more specifically,  "part-time spokesperson" is what Kathryn Marshall became after her epic on-air meltdown in late 2011 (or was it early 2012?).  So...a demotion for Jamie?  I asked him also if he was behind the resurgent EO twitter-feed, but he has not yet responded.  I strongly suspect he is not, just based on the fact that Kathryn has had very little to do with the organization since the shake-up that saw her, as it were,  busted down to private.

So, is EO back to being a one man operation until Ezra Levant finds himself another shill?

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Holly Stick said...

Meanwhile, Levant shows of at #idlenomore rally in Toronto: