Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sun Media To Sell Off Alberta Papers In 2013?

The question: why did Quebecor close one paper in Ontario with 6 employees and circulation of about 18k, but keep a couple of papers in Alberta with ten employees and less than 3k in circulation?

The answer, perhaps: even though the rural Alberta papers have low circulation, they were likely not closed because arrangements were made to sell them, and these days a closed paper has no value but one still running has some resale value.  You will see a lot of Alberta SunMedia papers change hands in January.

We'll check back in the new year.

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Unknown said...

This isn't scientific, but a cursory glance at the Canadian Heritage grants list suggests the Alberta Sun papers are better at getting more government cheese per employee than the Ontario papers are.
And if there is one thing everyone can agree that the Sun loves to do, it is maximize its share of government cheese.