Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ezra Levant Forced To Deny Rumors Of EO Shutdown

Rumours surrounding the death of Ethical Oil, arguably Canada’s most vocal and controversial pro-oilsands lobbying group, are greatly exaggerated, says movement founder and Sun Media personality Ezra Levant.


Murmurs that Levant’s brainchild [Ethical Oil] was shutting down have been swirling on social media and in online forums since early September, when the group’s Twitter account, blog and Facebook page ceased being active.

However, the hiatus appears to be temporary. Levant says the website is currently being redesigned and the group will be launching a “grassroots recruitment project in the new year,” which he hopes will become active in January 2013.

Its always good to have hope.  But, with Joe Oliver abandoning EO-style rhetoric as counter-productive, its hard to know what possible use these guys might be.

PS.  I'd like to think I help spread some of those rumors.

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the salamander said...

Thanks, two excellent articles, especially the one on Joe Oliver.. plus your Oct 20 article.

Its funny how 'linked' Oliver is to Ezra Levant.. and shrill or hysterical tar sand others. Its almost as if there's a flavor to the tar sands.. or a almost a 'brand'. Maybe its like the Marlboro Man was the brand for the cigarettes. Thus we have Ethical Ezra.. tho without the horses, campfires or sheepskin coat.. and no stetson either.

The term Ethical Oil somehow pulled a 'reverse morman' (a sexual term I invented) and transcended to become a two word term like 'Blood Diamonds'

We should note the trail of the naming and branding.. first they were the tar sands. Then the oil sands. An opportunity, a legacy, a beating economic heart. (wow!) Now I hear 'Heavy Oil' as well.

Watch out for any success or methodology they have with thousands of volunteer 'advocates'. There has never been separation between the tar sands and politics.. so there's another toxic political threat from Ezra. Thousands of bright eyed Jamie Ellerton wannabe's .. ?