Sunday, December 16, 2012

Irfan Canada Pulls Out Of Reviving The Islamic Spirit (RIS) Conference

Reviving the Islamic Spirit is the conference Justin Trudeau will be speaking at next weekend, and Irfan Canada is the "controversial" group that caused this week's media dust-up.  My favorite bit from the release:

Over the years speakers have included the late Jack Layton, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Robert Fisk, Pamela Paul, Ambassador Atalla Shabazz, Chris Hedges, Dr. John Ralston Saul, Prof. Syed Hosein Nasr, former RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli and former Toronto Chief of Police Julian Fantino.


“On the tenth anniversary (2011), The Hon. Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent a congratulatory statement and the government of Canada issued certificates to each of the speakers,” said Ahmed.

So the Tory government gets a free pass from the conservative media when they have truck with these groups; the NDP gets a free pass when they have truck with these groups.  But when the Liberals do it, everyone cries "soft on terror".  Credit to the Justin Trudeau campaign, though; they at least were willing to stand their ground.  Iggy would have gone into his full-Hamlet routine, and spent a month wringing his hands in public.

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