Saturday, December 01, 2012

Dear West,

...we are still coming to civilize you.  We'll find other ways.

PS. Screw you Alberta.  Twice.  Kicked your ass on abortion, didn't we?  Huh?  HUH?


Anonymous said...

Um, ok?

Anonymous said...

Strange comments about kicking AB's butt on abortion. Last I looked the motion was introduced by an MP from the East (Kitchener) and was supported by 11 women and 80 men, many of whom came from outside the province. That other idiot Vellacott is from Sask so no dice there either.
In fact probably the most high profile politician who represents an AB riding, S Harper,voted against it.

I realise that the west and east like the stereotype, but while a lot of Albertan MPs voted aye so did many others and the motion was not crafted in AB. After all while the East was giving Harper his majority, Albertans were telling the Reform in AB they did not belong in power.

Evil Brad said...

Good bloody riddance to the long-gun registry. It made no one safe, but sure drove quite a few Liberals, NDPers and other moderates into the arms of the Conservatives. It will take a long time before the Liberals ever regain the trust of the people they sought to use as scapegoats.

Jack Dale said...

Now play nice. There are some progressive thinkers out West. We did show the WR (Wacky Right) that we do not support their social conservativism. And Smith got booed when she denied AGW.

I have just found your site. I thought I might have found a fellow traveller.

BTW - I am stuck with Rob Anders as an MP.

Anonymous said...

Jack at least your MP makes news even if for the wrong reasons. Mine is Dreeshen and the man is an invisible plank who does as he's told then is returned to the nursery to suck his thumb until the next time Daddy needs him to do as he is told.