Saturday, December 22, 2012

Canadian Broadcast Standards Council Rules Against Rob and Doug Ford

From when they had David "The Menzoid" Menzies from Sun TV On:

Menzies went on to talk about coverage Mayor Ford has received in the Toronto Star newspaper.  He made the following statement, referring to the 2010 campaign for mayorship of the City of Toronto:

I remember an incident that happened in the campaign, which I think speaks so much of the double standard and the kind of personal brutality you have gone through.  I remember, I believe it was a retired doctor, at one of the all-candidates meetings, who got up and he said words to the effect, Mayor, “Well, you know, I’m lookin’ at you and you’re obviously very overweight and I see sweat patches under your arms and your face is red and beads of perspiration.  How do we know that, when you get the stressful mayor, er, stressful job of being the mayor of Toronto this won’t, you know, stress you out to such a degree you’ll have a heart attack?”  Right?  You know, so, the idea, yeah, see, folks?  He, he, he’s too chubby a guy.  We’re doin’ this for his own health, to keep him away, you know, from, from dying while he’s in office.  Could you imagine, Mayor Ford and Councillor Ford, could you imagine if I was at that all-candidates meeting and I went to George Smitherman.  And I said “You know what?  You know, George, being a practising homosexual and being the fact that you’ve been involved with all kinds of illicit drug use, how do we know you won’t engage in high-risk sex and drug use that will bring about, uh, HIV leading to AIDS and you’ll die in office?”  I would be run out of town on a rail, right?!  You know, oh no, we can’t say that!  But you know what?  The mayor, fat guy?  Let’s heap it on.  Let’s bully this guy to death.  And it is despicable and it speaks of the double standard with the left-wing media in this city, Mayor Ford.

Doug Ford responded by saying that he and his brother have been complimented for standing up to the Toronto Star and Menzies made negative comments about other city councillors who he said were “hostile” toward Mayor Ford.  Mayor Ford’s response was “David, that’s, uh, phenomenal.”

You can hear the tape of that show here.  I should say that I'm not a big George Smitherman fan; in fact, I'm a big non-fan of George Smitherman.  But David Menzies is a 0 class boob and in this case the Fords were his enablers.

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