Friday, December 14, 2012

Glen Murray's Good Idea

Frankly, everyone in the OLP's leadership race ought to get behind the idea of abandoning delegated conventions, because:

“Liberals from everywhere in Ontario should be able to participate fully in all aspects of leadership selection — not just those who are able to serve as delegates and can afford the trip to the convention...”

Exactly: I paid for my membership; I should be able to vote.  I shouldn't have to face the indignity of getting approved as a delegate for candidate whoever and, should that candidate drop out, get traded to someone else.

Its also, frankly, a dirt cheap way for the potentials to signal that they are for party renewal and party transparency.  Right now, the debates, the tv appearances; these are a charade that goes on in public while the real work (selling memberships and etc.) goes on backstage.

Finally, Scott Tribe says OLP has been discussing what they will do/not do with bloggers at the convention.  Anyone hear what the outcome was?

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