Sunday, November 03, 2013

Connecting Some Dots

From Christina Blizzard's Saturday column:

And while some people were trying to connect the dots between Holyday and Ford last week, the fact is that Holyday has such a solid track record and sound reputation that it was laughable.

While, I know of nobody that was connecting any dots between these two men.  Which is a pity, because there are a few lines worth drawing.  For example:

So lets just repeat this for clarity.  On July 31 of this year, a couple days before the by-election that made Doug Holyday an MPP, a drug dealer sells some drugs, meets fellow drug dealer and Ford confidante Alexander Lisi, and together they wander over to the Holyday campaign do WHAT?  We know Ford lent Holyday some of his campaign team during that time period.  Was Lisi working for Holyday in some capacity?  If so, what?  Could somebody please ask Mr. Holyday this simple question?


Alison said...

NaPo : "On August 1 Lisi went to Dundas St. and Earlington Avenue with another man; the two loaded Doug Holyday campaign signs inside the rear of Lisi’s van. The two men “travelled in tandem throughout the neighboiurhood collecting campaign signs.”

bigcitylib said...

That's interesting. I wonder if that's a different incident form the one Selley says happened 7/31.

Alison said...

Yes, it is.
Selley's incident on page 277 of ITO was a Lisi's quick pit stop in and out of Holyday's campaign office on July 31. 2nd incident on page 280 was Lisi and another man picking up Holyday's lawn signs on Aug 1.

Unknown said...
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