Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Plot To Overthrow Stephen Harper

"I'm saying status quo is always in jeopardy. Ambitions rise as problems mount. And right now Mount Duffy has become insurmountable, The PM is throwing everyone under the bus. It is time for self-preservation. Time to pick sides. Time to look to the future."

Sometimes I think Bourque imagines these encounters, but this one seems downright hallucinatory, so maybe there's something to it.


Omar said...

Your fairly recent ascendancy to Twitter doesn't seem to have translated into very many more blog comments. I think the "several hundred readers" Paul Wells mentions in his latest tome is wildly exaggerated! Perhaps you need a new persona? A giant talking llama maybe?

bigcitylib said...

More traffic. No more conversation. What was Wells on about?

bigcitylib said...

And, as for my readers, with about 500-600 visits per day plus another 100 ish on various feeds that probably translates into 1,000 ish total readers. Not as much as some. And, no, it stays a chicken.

Omar said...

Pg. 153

Peter Nelson and his price of lettuce predictions.

"Peter A. Nelson, incidentally, knew a good line when he saw it. As the blogger BigCityLib pointed out, Nelson had already announced the end of cheap lettuce twice before. When the State of Maine had considered a toll road to the New Brunswick border, Nelson had predicted $8 lettuce. When the Marine Atlantic ferry service mooted a fuel surcharge, Nelson's predictions spiked to $10. God put Peter A. Nelson on this Earth so Peter A. Nelson could predict expensive lettuce. It is what Peter A. Nelson does. But BigCityLib's blog has a few hundred readers. Peter A. Nelson's prediction was on every doorstep of the nation".

(it's a good thing I know how to type!)

bigcitylib said...

Holy crap! What book is that? I may have to buy it.

Omar said...

His latest on Harper 'The Longer I'm Prime Minister'. It's a very good read. I definitely recommend.