Friday, June 26, 2009

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Lifesite

...can be found right here in Dennis Gruending's latest. Concentrating mostly on the "scandal" surrounding The Canadian Catholic aid agency Development and Peace (D&P), which I admit to not having followed closely, the piece has all kinds of interesting background on everyone's favorite militant Catholic website: the Campaign Life Coalition, as does Alphonse de Valk of the notorious Catholic Insight magazine.

Best one-line characterization of Lifesite I've read: One might describe such a mindset as that of a Catholic Taliban.

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Ti-Guy said...

Lifeshite's also going after Jim Flaherty for his support for the ho-mo-seck-shul movement.

Everybody: 12 noon tomorrow, 104 Bond St, Third Floor, Toronto. Bring torches, pitchforks and a copy of chapter 13 of The Roman Ritual.