Saturday, June 27, 2009

John Tory Will Run For TO Mayor

Word was let loose last night during the opening hours of the 2009 Ontario PC Leadership Convention in Markham that failed Ontario PC leader John Tory will be announcing his intention to run for mayor of Toronto in next year’s municipal election. The source, a party operative from Etobicoke attending the Randy Hillier hospitality suite, indicated that all the pieces of Tory’s campaign are in place and that we should be seeing a formal announcement as July rolls in.

I've heard this claim from two very disparate sources in the past three days, the other being a lobbyist not attached in any way to any of the provincial parties or connected to the blogosphere.


Jay said...

A poll put him as winner with George Smitherman second and Miller in third. Both Tory and Smitherman at this point have not announced intention. I am sure this poll gave Tory a nudge in the direction at running. He may actually win something in this election. I'd prefer Smitherman personally. Like Miller until it became obvious he spent more time planning for a strike than trying to avert one.

I quit my city job and have moved on since the strike. I had suffered verbal and physical abuse as it was as an employee. Once Miller concedes to the unions and the workers return I can only imagine the hell my coworkers will have dealing with the public. Its not worth it. Crappy pay, overworked managers and 9 month contracts with 3 month lay-offs. Don't be fooled, working for the city is no dream. The main problem is not enough staff yet the public wants less. Thats why the city's operations suck not lazy workers.

Ti-Guy said...

Voter turnout in the last municipal elections: 39%. Frankly, it's high time the province declared these elections invalid.

Scanner said...

Absolutely, T-Guy. Dalton should APPOINT the mayor and city council, enough of this foolish democracy stuff. With an appointed city council McGinty can directly rape the city instead of indirectly as the Province does now.