Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Go Ahead Make My Day

Asked if they'd consider the Ontario PC Party as an alternative to Dalton McGuinty's Liberals in the next election, 42.6% of respondents said yes, 38.8% no.

Asked whether they'd consider voting the same way if the PC party's new leader wanted to scrap the [Ontario Human Rights] tribunal, that support plunged to 25.2%. In that scenario, 44.5% said they wouldn't vote for the PCs.

Hope they're listening on Parliament Hill.


Oldschool said...

The Ont Human Rights . . . like the BC equivalent is a fascist, mindless kabal that destroys free speach . . . something Canadians have never had since the Charter of Rights neglected to mention it.
People of Ontario are somewhat like the folks in California . . . going broke at warp speed . . . but can't smell the coffee.

A Eliz. said...

This tory troll appears everywhere you don't want him.What kind of people are these?
The Human Rights is not fascist,.... its the fascists that hate it.

Ti-Guy said...

This tory troll appears everywhere you don't want him.

When the post mortem is written with respect to the non-wingnut blogosphere, the unwillingness to deal with persistently disruptive, ignorant, and insane right wingers will figure prominently.

Though I'm less critical of BCL in this respect; he seems genuinely amused by these idiots, so who am I to spoil anyone's fun? But I have to deal with people like this in real life (who are, distressingly, more middle class than they used to be) and it's rather discouraging.