Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iggy's Face Shines With Transplendent Glory

He wins an opposition day in late Sept....another chance to bring down the gov. if his advisers give him the election go call.

All joking and expressions of misplaced idealism aside, this looks like a fine outcome to me. Iggy comes across looking serious and, at times, damned sexxxy. Meanwhile Jack Layton has been observed talking to animals. Not too Prime Ministerial, Jack.


Ti-Guy said...

This all bullshit. Both the idea that an election can change anything or that any Parliamentary action can be substantive. Everyone's just waiting to see whether we're climbing out of the economic abyss, which is largely out of our hands.

For the record, we're not. And we won't be coming out of it either, not in any meaningful way. The only comfort this brings is that the news media will not be clogged up all summer with the stupidest journalism imaginable.

Related: I have to say I disagree with you on the your assertion that Marc Bourrie is someone you can have an argument with. It chagrins me to think he's teaching journalism, although it does explain the journalists' predilection for credentialism and petulance.

Reality Bites said...

And in September, if it doesn't suit the NDP or BQ to have an election (and chances are it won't), then they'll be the holdout who squeezes a real or imaginary concession out of Harper as an excuse to prop them up.

The chances of it ever being an opportune time for all three opposition parties to go to the polls are slim - the last one was Jean Chretien's first campaign as Liberal leader.

Mind you, if we see the CPC below 30% in the polls for a while, that opportunity may come again.

Anonymous said...

As Akin pointed out in the post you didn't link to:

In 2005, Jack Layton won $4.6 billion in new investments in housing and transit in exchange for supporting the minority government of Paul Martin.

In 2009, Michael Ignatieff got a working group and an opposition day for supporting the minority government of Stephen Harper.

Maybe Iggy should learn to talk to the animals.

Tiny Perfect Blog said...

I like the Layton picture. I think it's cute.

Harper often has pictures taken of himself with cats and kittens.

bigcitylib said...

Yes, but then he eats them.

RuralSandi said...

In 2005 there wasn't a global recession and the government had surpluses. Besides, they brought Martin down a few short months later, so probably none of it went out anyway.