Friday, June 19, 2009

One Issue Leadership Campaign => One Issue Election

Fate of Human Rights Tribunal dominates Tory leadership debate
Hudak's rights plan called 'toxic' politics

Meanwhile, the Natty Post says lick that 3rd rail--but carefully! PS. They still haven't figured out Klees' position yet.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if Klees has figured out his position yet. I get the sense that once Hillier and Hudak were taking stances on Human Rights that Klees felt he had to get in on this. That explains why his moves on this issue have been haphazard, "Err, yes, I, uh, too would like to repeal number 13 of the human rights doohicky... Err, something like that. I'm conservative dammit!"

Ti-Guy said...

Thank God I have nothing invested in this leadership race. If I had bin a PC supporter watching yesterday's debate, I would have been crying into my pillow, howling "We are so screwed!"

The PC's can only win on policy and all we're getting is personality, politics and right wing faux populism.