Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dhallaphanalia: Nannies Gone Mellow

As Dhallagate winds down into gray ambiguities (don't expect federal and provincial agencies to investigate Ms. Dhalla if the ex-caregivers won't file the requisite complaints, and so far they have shown no signs of wanting to do so), the folks at the Caregiversresourcenter, who were quite militant in their pursuit of Ms. Dhalla, have seen the writing on the wall and dialled down the rhetoric. Ka Rodel, who was instrumental in producing the Villaneuva retraction writes of an upcoming picnic at Earl Bales

Jason Kenney of Immigration, a representative of the Provincial Liberal and perhaps a Federal Liberal, hopefully Michael Ignatief so we can ask him to support our proposals [will attend]. I suggest we don't talk about the Dhalla affair so as not to antagonize the Liberals. We need their support for this issue and so with the NDP.

And so it appears to end. I heartily concur with this sentiment:

If Michael Ignatieff is serious about improving the representation of women in the Liberal Party of Canada and ultimately in Parliament, he should start by restoring Ruby Dhalla to his shadow cabinet.

In other words, this shouldn't become Judy Sgro redux.


penlan said...

I'm not so sure this is winding down. Take a look at this:

bigcitylib said...

I linked to that. The committee can call for anything they want, but if the nannies aren't going to make a complaint, I severely doubt the Ont. Ministry of Labor (for example) will act. So far the two nannies have refused to make such a complaint.

penlan said...

Oops, sorry - should have checked your link.

Ti-Guy said...

Where's Paul S. on this? He was having multiples just a few weeks ago over this brouhaha. Has he gone flaccid?

Gerrard787 said...

Hey ti. Good to see the public library restored your internet access.

". . . if the nannies aren't going to make a complaint, I severely doubt the Ont. Ministry of Labor (for example) will act." -BCL

I guess complaining directly to the Ontario Labour Minister, Peter Fonseca isn't enough.

Instead, he gave them a 1-800 number to call. And posed for a photograph with them.

The inertia of the system to respond at any level is the more important question.

Why haven't any of the relevant government agencies made any efforts to assist these vulnerable workers?