Friday, June 19, 2009

Those Poor, Poor Children, Redux

New Brunswick students will soon be hearing "O Canada" at the start of studies each day.

Not the Hendrix version. Not the rap version. Just the old bullshit version of the most boring song on the planet with those incomprehensible verses in French. Those poor kids will probably grow up to be crackheads and ride around on motorcycles killing people as a result of the trauma.

And, believe it or not, this is supposed to have something to do with turning it all around in Afghanistan. Punishing our kids is supposed to frighten the Taliban. Might as well drop your pants and fart in the general direction of the Mid-East.

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Unknown said...

My kids moan about it too. A dreary start to the day, they don't know the words to the whole thing because, as you note, its half in French -- like that part about carrying the Cross (!?) ... the principal had a great idea, the fellow who started the controversy, by having the kids actually sing it at assembly. But, you guessed it, someone complained that learning to dispise the anthem by having to hear it over and over on crap school speakers is better than actually singing it once a week. I feel very badly for the principal at the centre of this.