Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kelly McParland On The Ontario Tories: Yeah, They're Doomed

So there's the campaign line: Tim Hudak is a bigot. A vote for the Tories is a vote for hate. It's no more accurate than was the scaremongering over faith-based schools, but voters aren't any more likely to notice than they did last time.

Interesting in that McParland concedes that the PR war over this issue has already been lost, meaning he has come to realize that his own paper's efforts in that war (should the NP still exist in 2011) will come to nothing.

Instrospection from a journalist? If so, we have the Ed Stelmach to thank. A Tory majority in Alberta looked at its human rights law and decided the code needed to be tweaked to better serve the interests of Gays and young earth Creationists. Journalists, who had promised the government a free ride over any section 3 repeal, got stiffed. Mr. McParland I think has looked at that decision, and despaired. Good for him!

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