Friday, June 26, 2009

Some People Never Learn, Or: Ezra Levant And Defamation Law

Apology to the Honourable Ron Ghitter

Hon. John Lynch-Staunton (Leader of the Opposition): Honourable senators, I should like to read to you a statement that will be published in the Calgary Herald, The Calgary Sun and The Edmonton Journal on Friday, April 14. It will be entitled, "Apology to Senator Ghitter from Rob Anders, M.P., and Ezra Levant."

In September of 1998, we unfairly and inaccurately described the character, statements, commitment and work of Senator Ghitter in a fundraising letter circulated to 31,000 Albertans in connection with the Alberta Senatorial Election. The letter was prepared by Ezra Levant and signed by Rob Anders on behalf of the Reform Party of Alberta.

The letter was insulting and demeaning of Senator Ghitter who has dedicated over 30 years of his life to public service both as an elected member of the Legislature of Alberta, a member of the Senate of Canada, a spokesman for minorities, and a volunteer in many capacities.

On September 25, 1998, Senator Ghitter requested that we retract our statements and donate $2,500.00 to the Alberta Cancer Society. We refused to do so, and instead made further inaccurate and demeaning public statements about Senator Ghitter through various media outlets. On October 21, 1998, Senator Ghitter commenced a defamation action against us.

Our attack on Senator Ghitter was unfounded and we now admit having defamed Senator Ghitter. We further acknowledge that some of our statements were based on facts that were false and on out of context interpretations.

We regret preparing and sending the letter and wish to apologize to Senator Ghitter and his family for our lack of civility and our inappropriate actions and comments.

Rob Anders, M.P.
Ezra Levant

Some background here.


Mitka said...

I never knew of this...geeze Louise, how is it that this Levant fellow still continues with his usual ways of making things up and no one but a few bloggers are prepared to call him on it?

Ti-Guy said...

It's because Ezra's long experience with libel suits have made him an expert in engaging in libel.

A propos of nothing, a theory advanced by people who study psychopathy, such as Robert Hare, is that psychological treatment of psychopaths doesn't work; in fact, it just makes them more clever and practiced in their behaviour.

Gayle said...

TG - have you read Hare's book: "Snakes in Suits"?

I do not think Levant is charming enough to be a psychopath. He is just your normal run of the mill liar.

Ti-Guy said...

TG - have you read Hare's book: "Snakes in Suits"?

Yes, I have.

I do not think Levant is charming enough to be a psychopath.

They're not all charming.

Reality Bites said...

They're not all charming.

Well they are compared to Ezra.

Alison said...

"some of our statements were based on facts that were false"

weasel weasel weasel

Holly Stick said...

I understand that Levant is suing some former Reform Party people. I don't know details, but the one who told me this expressed less than friendly feelings toward Levant. [gross understatement]

So I wonder; if Ezra appeals to his fans for help with his legal expenses, does he itemize just which cases he plans to spend the money on? For his defence or his offence?

Or maybe he is not appealling to them anymore? He never has appealled to me.