Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ontario PC Leadership Race Gets Weird

We've got leadership hopeful Frank Klees proposing legislation that would bring back "whites only" signs, murmurs of a new, break-away party should Christine Elliott win the leadership (she's too damn Liberal!), Randy Hillier's promise to reduce Ontario's property tax assessment system to anarchy (this one deserves a post of its own)... and now anti-Hudak attack ads on youtube!

Might as well crown Dalton Emperor for Life!

h/t to this guy, whose commenters consider, and then more-or-less abandon, the notion that this last effort could be a Liberal smear job:

paulsstuff — I hesitated to even post on this but I thought I should do it to expose what is going on. However, there is one problem with the idea that it is a Liberal smear job. The person [who authored the clip] used a very private e-mail which is only known at PC headquarters. So, how would the Liberals get access to the PC membership list?


Reality Bites said...

Your link to FD (a search) doesn't work as search is disabled.

Unknown said...

Edward Kennedy seems to have a preoccupation with Randy Hillier's testicles in that FD link. He just goes on and on about them.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm starting to prefer the clarity of unvarnished lunatics like the ones you find over at Free Dominion than the ostensibly moderate and sensible discourse you find over at Conservative blogs like that of Sandy Crux (PhD in Education, don't you know).

The loonies at FD can be dismissed. Sandy Crux actually worked for the Harrisites.

Reality Bites said...

Thanks for the new link, BCL.

I find it hard to believe, mind you, that a party that stood still while John Tory was leader would splinter over an anubashed Harrisite. Elliott looks left wing only in comparison to unvarnished lunatics.

RuralSandi said...

I'm wondering if Elliot is using the Harper/Flanigan tactic of pretending to be more in the middle because Harris is a bad name in Ontario.

tempusfugit said...

Your link to "this guy" and all the comments associated with his post appear to have been scrubbed. Pity, I would have like to see what they were saying. Be that as it may, keep up the good work on covering the PC leadership race

KC said...

Ontario's sign prohibition is already sufficiently narrow and shouldn't be repealed. The "speechies", as you like to call them, would be advised to focus their efforts on the feds and several other provinces (i.e. Alberta, BC, etc.).

But if you want to get technical about it, Klees' proposal may mean that you could have a "whites only" sign, but actually enforcing a "whites only" policy would infringe other parts of the Human Rights Act--parts which I dont think he has proposed to get rid of. Not that that makes much difference.

Anonymous said...

and we all hope Ontario is able to enjoy the economic benefits of Dulton for many years to come.

Many, many years.

He's making Boob Rae look like an economic genius.

The Dulton Depression . . has a nice ring to it. Maybe Kinsella can use that as a tag line in the next election . . . . him being so proud of Dulton & friends.