Thursday, June 25, 2009

Your Totally Toxic Tory Moment For Thurs June 25

In which Mohammed Hudak calls around soliciting support for his brother Tim.

I am beginning to understand the Tory position on firearms, because if I were going to their convention this weekend, I'd probably want to be packing one.


Ti-Guy said...

Maybe it's the Hudak campaign doing that, hoping to tar another candidate with such a low-class, transparent dodge?

I got nothing. I can't believe this is even true.

Jay said...

Its interesting watching tory vs tory because of the often horrific tactics they use. I am sure a bird will soom be shitting on christines sholder very soon.

Torybaiter said...

My experiances and observations in politics has taught me that political parties largely act as dysfunctional families.

They may band together when attacked by other tribes. But, for real viciousness and true meaness of spirit it's all about shredding your own.