Monday, June 29, 2009

A Triumph Of The Blogosphere what I was thinking when I read this requiem for the Tory's veiled voter legislation. The fact is, when this story first broke, all of Canada was headed for a six day bender of capital "X" xenophobia. Then, in a terrific series of posts back in 2007 that seem to have entirely disappeared, Red Tory did what, apparently, no-one else in Canada, and certainly no-one else in the MSM or HOC, had done--which was read the recently passed changes to the Elections Act and point out that they did NOT require that voters provide photo ID, something that (for example) Canwest News had not figured out at the time (and still seems a bit confused about).

Afterwards, the fake outrage died off relatively quickly.

The kind of story to mention when someone tells you we need the MSM for their standards.

My origonal take on the controversy here.

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Nitangae said...

Some of the anonymous comments in your original post are quite lovely.

One of them takes the opportunity to declare that evil lefties don't realize that Israel is more liberal than the Arabs, another wants liberalism declared a social disease - all of which has absolutely nothing to do with the subject in question (and which rather clearly proves that what really bothers many people most was the fact that these women are ARABS!)

Several others fail to read the part of the post which clearly says that the law does not require photo ID and gets angry at evil liberal election Canada for making up its own laws. Which proves, of course, that they are illiterate.

Very very funny.
I know, easy targets and anonymous commentators, but still very funny. Alahu Akbar!