Friday, June 19, 2009

An Election Now...In September...It Doesn't Matter

...because the economy, the issue that trumps all others, is still going to suck in the Fall. Everyone go enjoy the summer, except for Iggy and his circle, who should be huddled somewhere creating policy. Any policy, really, I don't even have to like it. Just so Iggy has something to say when they stick a Mic in his face.

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Ti-Guy said...

As far as I'm concerned, a drop in retail sales is a good thing. The biggest fraud being perpetrated on us is that we should be accumulating more consumer debt to save ourselves.

Off-topic: I hope you caught this over at MacLean's, BCL. It strikes me as a shift in editorial decision-making, although it may just be a gimmick: have Steyn write something ludicrous and have a real journalist (as it were) savage it. I'd be tempted to acquire a subscription to the rag again for that reason, although the net benefit of spending time reading fabrications and then reading the corrections is zero. Why should anyone pay for that?