Saturday, June 13, 2009

Christine Elliott Attacked By Far Right Freak For Her Mainstream Views

Mark (resemblin' hate speech) Steyn tees off on Ontartio PC Leadership Candiate Christine Elliot:

In Ontario, Christine Elliott, a candidate for the leadership of the so-called "Conservative" party, is praised by the media for offering a more emollient conservatism predicated on "the need to take care of vulnerable people."

Look, by historical standards, we're loaded: We have TVs and iPods and machines to wash our clothes and our dishes. We're the first society in which a symptom of poverty is obesity: Every man his own William Howard Taft. Of course we're "vulnerable": By definition, we always are. But to demand a government organized on the principle of preemptively "taking care" of potential "vulnerabilities" is to make all of us, in the long run, far more vulnerable. A society of children cannot survive, no matter how all-embracing the government nanny.

Mark sees an ideal society as a scene from 300, where suppressed homosexual beefcakes run around in their briefs culling the herd waving very large, very sharp swords.

Meanwhile, Frank Klees is promising more magic--A CHARTER OF ONTARIO PROPERTY RIGHTS, no less--to appease the rural separatists out in Lanark. Next he'll repeal the law of gravity.

h/t Perez Hudak, who dishes all the dirt daily.


Ti-Guy said...

Mark sees an ideal society as a scene from 300, where suppressed homosexual beefcakes run around in their briefs...

With every sentence Mark Steyn types with one hand...

But his psycho-sexual pathologies aside, Good Lord. Nothing screams juvenile more stridently than someone who thinks a society's prosperity is measured by the toys it has.

Anyway, I was going to read the entire article but got immediately bored when I saw that with was written for the Orange Country Register and was no doubt padded with lot of loony American issues I couldn't care less about.

Jim Parrett said...

Steyn writes extensively for children. They're oftentimes called conservatives. They get their thoughts and ideas from their teachers, preachers and holy books. No questioning allowed. That's childish.

Anonymous said...

Hudak sounds exactly like Stuart McLean. Saw a meeting on CPAC the other day, and half expected him to start talking about Morley.