Friday, June 26, 2009

An Important Moment Tonight the history of our beloved planet. Long, tough road ahead. 219-212 in the house means an uphill battle in the Senate. This is how hard it is when the adults are in charge. Greenpeace and the other groups that opposed Wasman-Markey ought to really consider shaving their freak-flags and taking a stab at intellectual maturity. Siding with the Deniers because a bill is imperfect is a disastrous strategy.


Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

We'll see, BCl, we'll see.

I'm thinking 10 years from now, as climate science advances, and the issue becomes less a dogma than a true scientific examination, we will discover two things:

a) If the science is proven correct, it will be disclosed that the chicken-little Gore-Suzukians will be exposed for grossly exagerrating the potential results;

b) If the science is proven correct, any positive steps undertaken by the West will be grossly offset by massive increases in CO2 output but developing third world countries, Russia and China.

End result.
Damaged economy.
Lost jobs.
Nothing to show for it.

..well,except that, once this does become clear to the populace, who are nothing if not self-interested, it will guarantee that no one will ever again take seriously anything that so-called do-gooders try and sell them. Cynicism will rule supreme.

Oxford County Liberals said...

The science is being proven correct Roblaw. If anything, the science and the models predicting this are too slow in their predictions. The arctic is melting faster then predicted, and temperatures are going up faster then predicted.

By the way, I take offense at people like you who shrug their shoulders and say "oh well, the science may be correct, but why should we do anything about it if everyone else doesnt? Who cares if the planet is going to pot, if it means it costs me a buck?"

It's attitudes like yours why I consider conservatism a bankrupt ideology, with "me me me" and "money money money" being the overlying base of the ideology.

And I particularly aim my wrath at so-called religious conservatives, who claim to hold the moral high ground, but end up balking that they might make a bit less money in trying to save the planet, while ignoring the fact that the Bible says humans should be the caretakers of the earth. Their piety seems to disappear or they, being hypocrites, ignore that.

Steve Bloom said...

I predict that if going to the mat isn't enough to secure passage of either the climate change or health care bills with the filibuster rule in place, Obama will elect to exercise the "nuclear option" (i.e. go to a straight majority vote).