Thursday, June 11, 2009

British National Party (BNP) Also Anti-Science

It isn't particularly surprising that the BNP (British National Party), given its overall position on the English political dial, is "skeptical" of the science behind AGW. But you can tell much about a Conservative by the quality of their denialism. And in the case of the BNP, its pretty low. Here's an excerpt from the first edition of "The Comet", their newsletter for British youth:

Admittedly, it is a very nice graph:
...but if you've followed this blog for any length of time you will have seen it before, because I've written about Cliff & Randy Mann's Long Range Weather before.

Not to repeat myself, but here's the short version; their long-range weather predictions are based upon biblical exegesis.

Good luck to my English readers (assuming I have any, that is).


Anonymous said...

Climate predictions based on the Bible ?

Climate predictions based on simplistic computer models ?

Climate predictions based on a theory that a change trace gas in our atmosphere will cause yet to be determined positive feedback loops that will send the climate into a warming frenzy ?

All are silly.

None are science.

Anonymous said...

There is no mention anywhere that the y axis is greatly exaggerated.
This greatly out of scale exaggeration shows dramatic temperature changes beyond their normal magnitude.

If years and temperature axes were at the same scale the line would cleave very closelly to the x axis and one would need a microscope to see the temperature changes.

Bad science then, and it's propounded by a party that's close to the same league as the Flat-Earth Society.

Ti-Guy said...

None are science.

Will you just die already?

Oldschool said...

Solar activity (solar flares and sun spots) have virtually ceased in the last few years . . . temperatures all over the globe have been dropping.
Last winter was the coldest in decades . . . the Thames in London froze, they skated on it . . . it snowed in North Africa. But Al Bore continues to make millions . . . with his GW nonsense.
Hansen has been 100% wrong for 20 years now . . . and you want to talk about the "Science"????
There is no science . . . CO2 is a rare gas, .036% of the atmosphere, mostly created naturally . . . man contrubites only 3% of the .036%.
If you have the "Provable real repeatable Science" please post . . . the world is waiting!!!