Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Few Random Notes

Believe it or don't, but LifesiteNews' portrait of Scott P. Roeder, the man who gunned down George Tiller, is fairly decent. Ignore the self-serving bits, I haven't read as detailed an account of Roeder's early life anywhere else.

Plus: Girls Gone Mathy! The gender gap in male vs. female math scores has closed in the mid-and lower range of the achievement scale, and is now closing at the upper end. Furthermore, the gap still remaining can be best explained as a result of overall gender inequality in the countries under study.

"Society either sends a message that girls can excel at math, that they will be rewarded for doing so—or it doesn’t."


MgS said...

I'll agree that Lifesite's article seems fairly decent. That said, the lack of corroborating sources makes me distinctly uneasy. I've caught Lifesite distorting facts or outright lying enough times to be cautious.

I still want to see some corroboration from other, less biased sources.

In this case, Lifesite would be interested in putting a lot of distance between themselves and the accused to minimize the political impact on their lobbying efforts.

I have no doubt that the man is a whackjob, but I won't give the rest of the pro-life movement a "pass" since it is their blood-soaked rhetoric that enables the whackjobs to kill people.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

It's like Muslim extremists. The act of one or a small group of psychos doesn't tar all members of the movement, however, nothing short of absolute and unconditional condemnation by the responsible members of the movement will suffice.

It's the least they can do to maintain any credibility. There can be no tollerance of a "Yes, BUT.." sort of response in these situations.