Saturday, June 06, 2009

Trost On The Long Gun Registry

If this is how the maneuvering went, then good on Jack Layton:

At first, C-301 looked like it was going to pass the House of Commons. With 143 Conservative votes, Garry’s bill needed less than a dozen votes from independent and Opposition MPs to become law. Supporters of C-301 received assurances from rural Opposition MPs that we had the necessary votes to pass the legislation.

However, two things started to happen: NDP members began to be pressured by their leadership (Jack Layton) not to vote the way they had promised; and the Bloc Quebecois brought forward a motion on the long-gun registry in the House of Commons.

While the Bloc motion supporting the long-gun registry passed the House, it only passed by five votes because of abstentions from Opposition MPs (who had previously said they sided with the Conservatives.)

I say "if" because Trost seems to be pretending that C-391 has a hope in hell with a Lib. dominated Senate, and it does not, so he is clearly prone to erroneous statements.

(PS. "Trost" is Brad Trost is the Tory MP representing the riding of Saskatoon—Humboldt.)


Ti-Guy said...

He's a wingnut. I'm sure reality did not unfold the way he describes, regardless of outcome.

Look at how Trost describes those who hold a different opinion than he does on his site:

What would the puffed up, self righteous, left wing activists (who are criticizing this IRB appointment) say?

They're citizens of the country you are tasked to serve, you ignorant, pig-fucking redneck. Show some respect.

Sean said...

oh lefty argument time. they don't like what you say and your a fing redneck. I guess that means your a ck sucking tor star reading pussy who wants to eliminate all arguments that don't stand for more wastefull gov't and less free speech if its not left speak. Why don't u make an argument schmuck