Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Canada to mimic US climate change policies

From Space Daily, disappointing but hardly surprising:

Ottawa will soon announce new "made in Canada" measures that closely resemble US efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants, Canada's environment minister said Tuesday.

So, several more years of inaction. Oh, but the good news?

Canada may opt later to join the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, an agreement on air pollution between the United States, Australia, China, Japan, India and South Korea, but not now.

So somewhere down the road Canada may join a partnership explicitly designed for countries who wanted no part of Kyoto, but needed a fig-leaf to make it seem as though they gave a shit. From Wikipedia, "[The Partnership] provides no mandatory enforcement mechanism. This has led to criticism that the "Partnership" is meaningless by...environmental groups."

Even Republican Senator John McCain has said that the Partnership "[amounts] to nothing more than a nice little public relations ploy."

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