Monday, April 10, 2006

Tories and Libs Disgrace Themselves

From CTV:

The debate, which opposition parties demanded, will be a largely symbolic exercise as there will be no vote on whether Canada's military role in the war-ravaged country should continue. The debate is sparsely attended by MPs. Here is CTV's count, out of 308 MPs:

14 Conservative MPs (44 left after O'Connor finished speaking)
10 Liberals (had been 21 at one point)
1 Bloc Quebecois (had been two)
20 NDP (started with eight) Afghan mission in Canada's interest: O'Connor

They are debating the lives of Canadian kids and the Conservatives and Libs have something more important to run off too? This is disgusting.

Update: Tuesday, 9:00 am

So, apparently, Harper didn't even bother to show up at the debate. Earlier in the day, during question period, he accused Jack Layton of not supporting the troops. Later, before the debate began, he appeared for reporters to say that Canada would be in Afghanistan "for years", and then pissed off into the night. Not too Prime Ministerial, if you ask me.

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