Friday, April 14, 2006

Gagging Scientists!

First, we have SHRRC turning down Dr. Brian Alter's research grant to study the pernicious effects of Intelligent Design on public discourse. Now we have attempts to muzzle Environment Canada Scientists who dare to speak out on Global Warming. In fact, Stephen Harper has a little warning for them:

"We were elected on a particular platform. Our commitment to the people of Canada is to go ahead with that platform. That will include measures we're going to develop over the next year or so to deal with both pollution and greenhouse gases, and I obviously not only hope but expect that all elements of the bureaucracy will be working with us to achieve those objectives." - Ottawa muzzles climate change expert

The Scientist involved, Mark Tushingham, had been scheduled to speak in Ottawa about his book Hotter Than Hell--a futuristic account of Canada and the U.S. at war over water resources in a globally warmed world — when he received an email from the environment minister's office, warning him not to attend the event. He has also been "warned" not to speak with reporters, and fears for his job.

These actions are of a piece with the new government's communication clamp-down. I guess the only good thing about it is that contents under pressure invariably leak and, when they do, the results are not pretty.

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