Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Flop Sweat Time At Fox News North?

They are asking, nay begging, fans to write their cable provider and demand that the network be offered.  Below is the form letter they provide:


Anonymous said...

Filled mine out ,should be offered without having to go through this crap

Jon Dursi said...

It's nice for Sun News to leave us this feature.

Here's my version:

Subj: I will cancel Rogers cable unless I can opt out of Sun News.

Body: To whom it may concern:

I am not interested in paying for a news network run by a newspaper chain that has a page 6 "sunshine girl" as one of its main attractions.

I don't care what channels you offer, or where on the dial, but if I can't easily opt out of Sun News - without switching my current package - when it does finally go live, I'm quitting my rogers cable and cable internet and switching to Bell and Bell fibe. If others want it, great, but I refuse to pay for it.

I am the subscriber at [my address], and after Rogers On Demand failing to work and increasing prices for reduced service for Rogers Cable Internet, I need very little excuse to switch at this point.

I look forward to your response on this important matter.

H7N9 Watch said...

They must have had some inkling of its poor reception from cable companies when they were trying so hard to get it into must-carry status.

Cliff said...

They're also using the bully pulpit of their newspaper chain to campaign against a business competitor

Holly Stick said...

Ezra Levant is railing against CBC and CTV and calling them a duopoly now. Ironic, really.