Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guy Earle Loses

Guy Earle is the "comedian", and I use the term loosely, who went off on a couple of Lesbians when they had the nerve to kiss during an impromptu comedy night that he was MCing several years back.  I've written extensively about the case here, and the (107 page) decision itself is here.  However, if you want a hint as to why the Tribunal blew off Mr. Earle's defense, try this:

• Mr. Earle made two sets of comments from the stage at Zesty’s, to and about Ms.Pardy and her friends, and recorded above, including referring to them as “fucking cunts”, “stupid cunts”, “stupid dykes”, and “fucking dyke cunts”;

• Mr. Earle cornered Ms. Pardy and continued to physically intimidate and verbally abuse her by the bar as she returned from the washroom, including referring to her as “fucking stupid dyke, stupid fucking bitch”, and he grabbed and broke her sunglasses;

• The Zesty respondents failed to restrain Mr. Earle, protect Ms. Pardy from his verbal or physical assault, or otherwise take effective steps to remedy his treatment of her.

And believe me, there's plenty more of that in the ruling.  Mr. Earle, you are not only a lousy comedian, you behaved like a thug.

An interesting bit from the ruling.  As you may know, Earle has claimed that  Ms. Pardy was drunk and obnoxious in the club that night, and thus he was just "slapping down" a heckler:

[83] I do not accept Mr. Miedzinski’s evidence that at first Mr. Earle was “professional” in addressing the three women as “hecklers”. As will become apparent, no other witness said that the women were heckling at that point, and none of Mr. Earle’s words in response to anything they did or said subsequently could fairly be called “professional”.

And further:

[494] Though the incident in May 2007 was relatively brief, six months later, in his YouTube interview, after the complaint was filed, Mr. Earle publicly made false and inflammatory statements about Ms. Pardy’s conduct at Zesty’s which seriously exacerbated and prolonged the effect on her of his earlier actions.

It was in this video that Earle referred to Pardy as a drunken heckler.

Update: Guy says he's taking it to the Supreme Court.


Terrence said...

Christ, Guy Earle is a loser.

Thanks for posting a link to the ruling.

Anonymous said...


Most good comedians are a little out there. Most bad comedians see the stage as a replacement for the couch.

Harry Abrams said...

Good luck attempting an appeal without making arguments at the tribunal level.

bigcitylib said...

Good Lord, Harry, you're back! I heard you were dead! Feel free to visit any time, if only to denounce me for insufficient zealotry in the cause of Israel.

Harry Abrams said...

Jerk! There you had to go and spoil a good thing again. Oh well, back to the harem.

stephen elliott-buckley said...

Truthiness will not set you free.

Espiedra said...

does freedom of speech means anything to you? does lib equal communist?

Anonymous said...

I think Mr.Earle need to wear tuxedo shirts to make his look elegant.