Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your Daily Nazi: CASMO Brings The KKK

CASMO is the Canadian Shia Muslims Organization.  As noted in this National Post story, Bernie Farber and the CJC have asked that York Region police investigate the website for "willfully promoting hatred" based on the fact that it has been hosting (and still is, as of this morning) a recent interview with former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

Since CASMO has already received emails alerting them to David Duke's unsavory reputation, including from the folks at The American Muslim , one can only assume that they simply don't give a damn.

Incidentally, this blogger claims to have scooped the MSM on the story, and is now bitching that he hasn't been given credit.  Welcome to my world, kid.


Anonymous said...

BCL, I don't understand your latter comment. Its probably true that the blogger sassywire was the first to post the story about the KKK. The NP then posted its story. Newspapers match stories all the time. The one who first writes it gets the "scoop". Isn't this what happened here? If so what's all the fuss?

bigcitylib said...


This story started with sw over a week ago. Knowing who he and friends share info with, I am sure the story was given to the NP at that time. Given that I've occasionally felt that I've done some reporter's work for free, I understand sassywire's pain. But that appears to be how things work, so he might as well get over it. Its more important that the story should come to light than it should have his name on it somehow.

Tof KW said...

I’m assuming journalism is much like science, in that the person credited with ‘inventing’ something is the person who published first, not the person who thought of it first.

For example Nikola Telsa figured out wireless radio first, but Marconi got to the patent office before him. Likewise Gottfried Leibniz figured out calculus, but Isaac Newton published his work first (and had the balls to accuse Leibniz of plagiarism).