Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Younger, Thinner Version

A buddy sent some scanned pics from about 1993--me and  pals up at a cottage outside of Buckhorn.  Nice to see I've kept all my hair.  The t-shirt is from Lollapalooza 1992, I think.

This is Jamie.  When he shaves he can pass for Donny Osmond.  He still occasionally gets laid at parties because of that.
This is Carl.  Remember these pics are from years ago, when all real men wandered the bush with single shot BB guns.  I think Carl had just blown one of his own fingers off, an event which shaped my later views on gun-control.


Omar said...

Women still want to bed Donny Osmond?

bigcitylib said...

More his memory than the man himself.

Nancy Leblanc said...

You look the same, wtf. You're an ageless wonder. Same t-shirt you wore last time I saw you too. I think.

Reality Bites said...

I imagine women who were 12 when Donnie and Marie were on TV still want to bed him.

I keep getting junkmail from Mirvish or Dancap flogging tickets to Donny & Marie. If Jamie's based in Toronto, tell him to shave

Lumipallo said...

I see that like a true mensch, you are drinking Ex. Meanwhile the candyazz nest to you has a fizzy lager. If you ale drinkers could seize control of your party, the libs might once more entertain a goal loftier than holding the not exactly popular PM to a minority. Now go find me an opener!