Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CPoC Jerks Around Official Organ

...Pierre Peladeau claims Member of Canoe Network abused!


Shiner said...
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Shiner said...

Sun media realises that basing stories on chain mail that Kory the Kid receives is a bad idea. Nice. Why so hesitant to name the source though? How does the fact that the Sun crew was giddy with excitement at having received the picture prove that they're not an arm of the CPC?

Mark Richard Francis said...

This is a great story. The "What Iggy did in Iraq" theme has been out there to push Lib votes to NDP, and benefit the Cons via vote split. This story pushes that meme still, and has potential legs due to the controversy. It will not hurt the Cons, but it still could swing some more votes away from the Libs. And Sun Media is trying to get some cred for it.

Advantage: Harper / NDP / Sun Media
Loss: Libs

Of course, over-pushing the NDP-Lib vote split may be backfiring on Harper.