Friday, April 08, 2011

Was Awish Aslam An NDP Plant?

Of course not.  But this guy thinks otherwise, and since his post is "getting around" it might be a useful exercise to figure out why he's dumb.

Mr. Knight's contention is  is that he's got hold of (mysteriously!) a revealing link or code or some high tech shit like that,which shows how back in 2008 some guy named Brad Field, associated with the Federal NDP, sent out a mass email with as one of the recipients.  Hence, Ms. Aslam must have been an enemy infiltrator that night when Mr. Harper's staffers ejected her from one of his speeches.

Well, lets assume the email is indeed Ms. Aslam's:

1) If being on an NDP list means being an NDP supporter, than I must be one too.  I'm  getting emails from them two or three a day lately, mostly from a guy named "Lavigne" who is constantly begging for money.   Come to think of it, I must also be a CPoC mole, because over the years I've managed to work my ways onto all sorts of their  email lists.  Who knew?

2) More importantly, the email is dated Dec 2, 2008, which would have made Ms. Aslam about 16 years old at the time.  Now, she seems like a clever young lady, and for the clever ones its usually at about 17 or 18 when they realize that voting NDP is like smuggling your ballot home and feeding it to the pet hamster.  For other people it takes a bit longer, and then there's the lifers, of whom it would be impolite to speak further.

In any case, the point is that Harper treated a possibly winnable vote as an enemy.  And this is the larger issue around the CPoC's horrendous behavior at its own rallies.  It is made even clearer in the story of Ali Aref Hamadi, who was tossed from a Harper event for having an NDP sticker on his van.  Mind you, he also had a sign for CPoC candidate Paul Calandra on his lawn, so who knows--maybe all those years of "ethnic outreach" were set to pay off?  But, in the case of Mr. Hamadi, that's clearly work gone down the drain.

Prime Minister Harper gets it.  After waiting much too long, he finally issued an apology to anyone ejected from his rallies.  If the Tory grassroots want to continue to wallow in dark paranoia, well, I guess that is their right.


Mike said...

It's not really an apology, though. And it hardly addresses the main concern (ie: Facebook vetting before you're allowed to see the Prime Minister at what should be a public event).

Gayle said...

Typical conservative behaviour - blame the victim. Personal attacks is all they know.

Dr.Dawg said...

Thanks for the link, but I believe I qualify as a Liberal "insider." I've been getting email from Ignatieff since the campaign began. Please don't tell Paul Dewar.

bigcitylib said...

Well you see, he hasn't given up on you.

Anonymous said...

That guys seriously wear tuxedo shirts make his look more elegant.