Sunday, April 03, 2011

Say No More

To Free Dominion Members
Congratulations on your Free Dominion Banquet

As the leader of the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance, I want to thank you for the volunteer work you are doing to promote principled conservatism. Thank you for providing a discussion forum for the Alliance's National Council Candidates. It is through hard working volunteers like yourself that we will defeat the Liberals.

The internet will continue to play an increasing role in the interactive citizen government e-relationship. Free Dominion is on of the many steps in that direction.



Stephen Harper
Canadian Alliance Leader

Free Dominion.  Where the secret agenda is right out in the open.

PS. Link to original document is here.  Blogger has sure picked the wrong time to suck again.


Omar said...

Broken link.

bigcitylib said...

Fixed. Blogger has been acting up for a week now.