Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ryan Leef: Update this post. Apparently, the 2009 charges were not the first against the CPoC candidate for the Yukon:

In 2005, Leef was charged under the Wildlife Act, as an outfitter, with failing to furnish a return.

The charge was stayed.


Anonymous said...

This will stay on the front page of The Star for a few weeks I would think. Yet a sexual assault lover, 2 drunks and a white supremist carry on and their gaffs slip to the back pages and beyond.

If you read what John Ibbitson said about Harper, it will be a wonder if the Conservatives win a single seat. CBC, CTV, The Star, Globe & Mail and people like Ibbitson and Jane Taber are making sure that Iffy will get every opportunity to form the next governemnet. Some people think the Liberals have run a good campaign. In fact, the media has run a good campaign for the Liberals. Just look at every single article on every print and bvroadcast media written during this election. fIt's fair to say that 75% or more is in favor of the Liberals. Media bias? Make up your own mind.

Gene Rayburn said...

Shorter PK: I'm angry & paranoid!!!!

Prairie Kid not caring about a story is a non issue. Does he really need to state the obvious? Most of us already think he's a moron.

Anonymous said...

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