Friday, April 01, 2011

A Tory Candidate With Issues (Legal ones)

CPoC candidate for the Yukon Ryan Leef advertises himself as  a correctional officer, long-distance runner, and cage fighter.  Although perhaps not a very good cage fighter.  Here's a story about him getting decked out in the 2nd round of his 2nd fight.  Apparently he lost the 1st one too. (PS. he's the bald(er) guy in the pic.)

But more importantly for our purposes, back in 2009 Mr. Leef was charged with illegal hunting:

Two former police officers have been acquitted of illegally using ATVs to hunt sheep in the Ruby Range.They have also been acquitted of reporting false or misleading information to officials.

Greg McHale and Ryan Leef once upheld the law, but found themselves under investigation for breaking it after a complaint from area hunters was made to Haines Junction conservation officers.

And while, as the above article states, Mr. Leef was originally acquitted, this ruling was eventually overturned:

[10] The Crown has asked that a verdict of guilty be entered. I would, of course, have the power to send this matter back for a new trial. The evidence of the respondent at trial makes it clear to me that there is nothing to be gained by submitting the respondent to the cost and inconvenience of a new trial. His own evidence is such that the only result could be a finding of guilt.

[11] Accordingly, I find the accused guilty.

PS. For balance, here's a .pdf of the original judgement acquitting Mr. Leef (and then overturned).  Its also worth noting that even when the original ruling was overturned the judge felt that Leef and co. had been careless, rather than intentionally deceptive.

Updated: here.


ridenrain said...

When's Pablo's trial and will he be stepping down untill the trial?

C4SR said...

Another law abiding firearms owner I see

Owen Gray said...

This is the party that's tough on crime?

Unknown said...

As any old navy man knows you never
make admiral unless you have had
at least one court marshal. Good
on you Ryan, go for it!

Onfoot said...

Making a correct judgement depends upon having correct facts. To omit relevant facts is to mislead. BigCityLib omitted the fact that the Supreme Court Justice gave Ryan Leef an absolute discharge because he agreed with the original trial judge that Ryan had made an honest clerical error. The issue for the Justice was not the original trial's conclusion that Ryan had made a clerical error. This was very clear in the sentencing which can be viewed at:

To report half a truth is, well, less than truthful.

Anonymous said...

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