Monday, December 03, 2012

Garneau Campaign Suffers Fatal Setback... endorsed by Toronto Sun!!!  Time to pack up the space capsule and go home, dude.


Frank said...

Finally, a candidate of some substance. Spaceman may be dull as dishwater but dull seems to work for Harper. The main competition for the Libs in the general wont be Harper anyway, but socialist firebrand and French national Tom (call me Thomas) Mulcair. A calm and cool Garneau will be more reassuring to small l liberals who Mulcair will need to hold on to second place.

Reality Bites said...

When it comes to candidates of a party you vehemently oppose, there are two approaches.

1. Hope for the most extreme idiot, thinking they're unelectable. As Rob Ford has shown, this can backfire spectacularly because sometimes the idiot gets elected. After all, if your opponents weren't stupid, they wouldn't be your opponents.

2. Hope for the one most in tune with your views, knowing this makes them less likely to appeal to your opposing party's base, but most palatable to you if the worst happens and they get elected.

The Sun has picked approach number 2.

CuJoYYC said...

"… dull seems to work for Harper".

Best line on The House this past Saturday suggested that Harper was the first "Post Charismatic PM". Perfect moniker for Harpo.