Friday, January 25, 2013

A Quick Note On First Batch Of OLPLDR Protesters

Unfortunately, I'm having troubles emailing pictures from my new tablet (piece of crap just like old tablet, as it happens) to my netbook, but Jeff posted one.  The race horse farmers are here protesting  the end of the Slots at Racetracks Initiative.  I counted about 20 to 30.  Not that many, and remember: when they get too old to race these horses become glue or are sold  to  restaurants, where they are made delicious.

Tomorrow I might wander over to Edwards Gardens where the anti-wind people are protesting (I think).  I want to see how many bodies they bring out, or are they the same old gang as always?

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Paul Kuster said...

Allan Gardens. You can meet up with us mouth breathers there. If you can, meet up with Barb Ashbee (one of the speakers), who was driven from her home by these things and look her in the eye and tell her "It's all in your heads".
Have fun!