Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Quote From A G&M Story

“The day after the filing of this statement [by Mr. Schmidt], bang: ‘You’re suspended,’ ” said Justice Noël, pointing out to federal lawyer Alain Préfontaine that the government has taken away Mr. Schmidt’s income and reputation. “It’s unbelievable … Your client has done everything it can to kill this thing. The court doesn’t like that … We see that in different countries and we don’t like it … Canada is still a democracy.”

From an actual judge, not from some hippy on twitter.

Apparently, federal lawyers have been told to green light any legislation/regulation (ie not flag and report it to the HOC) that has as little as a five per cent chance of passing constitutional muster.

That is, is likely unconstitutional.

That is, the gov. is passing bills that it knows will likely fail, after much wasted time and expense, in court.

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susansmith said...

reminds me of Ontario Liberal govt - regulation 115. It won't meet the constitutional sniff test either.

And it too is being taken to the supreme court after much wasted time and money in court.

Neither levels of govt should act like this.