Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Some Numbers

Government spending per capita, Toronto: $24,000.
Government spending per capita,  Attawapiskat: 11,355.

That is all.


Koby said...

The City of Toronto's operating budget is $9.4 billion. Toronto has a population of 2,615,060. Attawapiskat has an operating budget of $31.2 million and population of 1549. Run the numbers and ta da. You get Toronto spending $3594 per head and Attawapiskat spending $20,142 per head.

That is all.

God you are stubborn. What you doing is akin to someone on the right defending Erza Levant or worse. You are backing a loosing horse.

bigcitylib said...

Read the post through the link, silly boy.

Holly Stick said...

Is Koby unaware that for most of us we get government spending from three levels of government, but only the federal government has jurisdiction over people who are governed under the Indian Act so almost all spending on them is through federal government.

So Koby, add what the provincial and federal governments spend on you.

Or, like BCL says, RTFL

rightprog said...

Never mind that we do not live in a frigid Godforsaken part of the world where bread and apple juice costs $25.00

Koby said...

Leave aside the fact that Lorraine fails to mention that the Ontario government kicks in another $4.4 million, and that other federal government agencies contribute as well. For example, health and welfare Canada contributes $1.3 million and CMHC another $400,000. What she does is to add up federal, provincial and municipal spending on the one hand and compare it to one revenue stream on the other hand and pretend the two are the same. Neat trick except for one fact spending is not revenue. Moreover, she pretends federal transfers to the band are the only benefit the people of the Attawapiskat get. This is laughable. Transfers to individuals are the biggest federal government expense and they are not included and on a per capita basis transfers to native individuals are even bigger. Their dental is paid for, eye wear is paid for, medicine is paid for, etc etc. Finally to imply that there is not a whole host of other government services both provincially and federally that the people of Attawapiskat can make use of is dishonest in the extreme. They are not denied a passport or entry into a hospital for truly urgent care -- Attawapiskat does not have a doctor. Provincial and Federal taxes subsidize the cost of a university education and the people of Attawapiskat are not made to the full cost of their university education. etc etc.

Marky Mark said...

Don't we also need to know how much of those numbers in each case were funded by taxes from local residents? I'd expect that Torontonians are net losers in that equation.