Friday, January 18, 2013

Thanks For Not Helping

In Calgary, a group that includes at least one oil-industry bigwig and a former Progressive Conservative party insider held a private fundraiser to support the B.C. Liberals’ re-election bid. If Ms. Clark overcomes the odds and manages to stay in office, she could have some prominent Albertans to thank.

Accepting what almost mounts to foreign money?  If I were Adrian Dix I would be all over this one.


ricky said...

It has happened before.Gordon Campbell did it but not to this degree.

It does amount to US and Chinese owned oil companies donating to the BC Liberals.

If by some miracle the BC Liberals win the election, the government will likely be looking at finding a way to build the pipeline.

The BC Liberals are Liberal in name only, likely the only Liberals in Canada welcome in the Oil Towers in Calgary.

Jordan said...

This was how the Newfoundland and Labrador Liberals funded their last campaign. They've been that in debt, 800,000, for so many years now that they are no longer able to borrow money from banks. Brian Tobin raised over $100,000 at a Toronto fundraiser, and was suppose to have one in Calgary, so that the party would be able to actually campaign in 2011.

Alison said...

If Calgary could hold a $1000-a-plate fundraiser for John McCain in 2008, I guess Chrusty might be worth $125 a plate in 2013.