Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Yo Federal Liberal Leadership Candidates (Esp. Justin Trudeau): Bullshit Cometh Before The Fall

If you take the numbers from the last NDP leadership convention as a guide--and there is no reason not to--about 10% of the people you recruit on-line will be arsed enough about the whole enterprise to actually vote. The rest will forget they signed up.  So this story is just puff.  As a matter of fact, I think the only possible way to defeat Justin Trudeau at this leadership thingy in April is to get actual bodies on the floor and hope his internet army is busy dating their bong that weekend.  Though it probably won't work.

And, the thing is, with the NDP nobody cared because nobody watched.  I know real political affairs professionals who managed to entirely avoid that weekend of conventioneering, and I was the one to tell them how shitty the whole thing went.  But it didn't matter.  Mulcair gave a nice interview on Sunday, and here we are. The LPoC doesn't have that advantage.  The media obsesses over us even when we're the 3rd party.  We are just that sexxxy.  So no flaw will go unexposed.  Over-hype your on-line ambitions, and all you'll hear about afterwards is how disappointing the result was.

Word, sexxxy babies.


Edstock said...

Bullshit Cometh Before The Spring. Friday's meeting may be a great energizer.
The problem for the Liberals is that the aboriginals might prefer to work with an NDP federal government.
The point is, Justin's got a lot of hard selling ahead because that spark is elusive, that happened for his father.

kitt said...

Ya we all know how bad all that online stuff worked for Obama.

bigcitylib said...

Kitt, Obama's efforts also involved going door to door to get out the vote.

Anonymous said...

If all the LPC can manage is to roust a bunch of internet supporters out of their stupor for 45 seconds to become a supporter, then yes, that is lame and will not go far. If, however, this is the beginning of the process of rebuilding, with a long term effort to build a supporter base, then it is likely the key to future success. In short, if you believe that the Leadership contest is the end of the LPC, and Trudeaus efforts, then it is a bust. If however the leadership contest is viewed more properly as the first step in a long arduous road, then it is a pretty damned good beginning.