Thursday, January 31, 2013

Odds Of An Ontario Spring Election

...just went down a little bit:

Wynne’s Liberals led with 24 per cent to 23 per cent for Hudak’s Tories, 20 per cent for Horwath’s New Democrats and 7 per cent for Mike Schreiner’s Greens. There were 14 per cent undecided, 11 per cent who refused to respond or would not vote, and 2 per cent who supported other parties.

I suspect Kathleen can convince the NDP to play ball for awhile, especially since the default answer to "Do you want an election?" is usually "no".  So hang tight and pray for 3% GDP growth, which is the answer to  many a problem.  (but which, unfortunately, does not look to be coming any time soon).


Peter said...

So hang tight and pray for 3% GDP growth

Is that the new Liberal Economic Action Plan?

bigcitylib said...

Federal Tories as well.