Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sun News Network Bans Sun News Network Critics

Dear Sun News and fans of Quotes From Sun News Viewers,

My name is Dylan Hornby, and I am one of several other people who admin this Facebook page. For the past few months, I and many others have made it a hobby to comment, criticize and expose the Sun News Network (SNN) and it's most passionate supporters for their hateful and divisive statements online.

Last night, this network (that claims to fervently advocate free speech and expression) has decided to block me from commenting as well as many other left wing, and centrist critics. In lieu of these events, I have decided to let you all know why I personally try to challenge this "news" network. 

First off, a little distinction. This page has always been intended against the Sun News Network, not The Toronto Sun or the other Sun papers across this country.

The Speechys can't handle the heat.


Jim Parrett said...

The right's unofficial motto: Free speech for me, not for thee.

While I fully support the FB page, I can't help but be a little skeptical of Hornby when he distinguishes between Sun News Network and the Toronto Sun. I understand his parents work at the paper and he has a personal stake but don't most of SNN also write for Sun papers? Somehow I can't see Levant, Lilley, Levy or Bonokoski as the "kindest and most committed people imaginable."

bigcitylib said...

SNN is a bit of a separate shop. There seems to be a bit of enmity between the TO Sun people and them,some of the latter thinking that Quebecor is cutting back newspaper staff to fund a station nobody watches.