Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gerard Kennedy Pitch Speech

Gerard Kennedy is, beyond all else, a gorgeous specimen.

His speech this morning was all about "doing politics differently".  It was, however, a pretty standard issue "doing politics differently" speech.  A "new day"; "it starts now"; "nobody left behind" and so forth.  I suppose you are supposed to hear echoes of other great progressive speeches in it, and not just clichés   but I'm not sure how well the whole  party outsider approach works from a guy that's been around Cdn/Ont politics for so long.  And, as for me, I don't have a problem with the current OLP status quo: green belt; green energy; shorter wait times; better test scores.  But I suppose being outside in GK's context means outside Toronto.  There was a shout-out to Northern Ontario, and a promise to the effect that it would no longer be "the other side of the map".  Don't quite know what that is supposed to mean policywise.  And, again, I'm not sure how all of this sounds coming from the mouth of a T.O. boy.

Missed Takhar entirely.

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