Friday, January 04, 2013

I Wouldn't Support Gerard Kennedy For Ontario Liberal Leader If You Threatened To Club Me With A Dead Walrus

...but this proposal (of Gerard's) is something that is absolutely necessary for the Ontario Liberal Party going forward:

4. Support for one member one vote leadership races in the future (possibly using the federal “supporter” system).

OK.  The supporter system is still a bad idea, for various reasons.  But moving beyond delegated conventions is something that must happen, for various other reasons.

PS.  Scott says:

...bloggers can come [to the Ontario Liberal leadership convention], but only if bloggers pay a 1000$ fee for the right to be an “observer”, and not given the accreditation as regular Mainstream media journalists are.

Another awful idea.  Rise up and rebel, Libloggers!  Or at least picket the convention!

PPS.  They've relented!  Our rebellion succeeded after less than three minutes!  As you were, Libloggers!


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Glen Murray supports OMOV in the OLP.

Matthew Day said...

I am not so big on provincial politics, but I for one think that the supporter category is the most important and beneficial thing that has happened to the LPC in a decade. There is just no way that the LPC is going to become competetive until they get serious about improving their ground game, and databases. The supporter category makes it so damned easy to attract people. Sure, it may be subject to abuse, so what? Guard against the abuse, and glory in the thousands and thousands of new supporters, donors, and volunteers that 'supporter' category is bringing in.