Tuesday, March 05, 2013

An Historical Turning Point...?

Talked to my dad the other night.  He told me that he could see himself voting for Justin Trudeau.  This from a life-long NDPer, an old coal miner who can still  remember them from their CCF days.

But something about Mulcair seeming doesn't sit right with him.  The guy  seems angry all the time and--I am looking below the surface of old dad's words here--the beard is a bit of a flop.

I should say that my dad, historically speaking, is a leading indicator.  Last time his opinion shifted like this was back when he served in the armed forces.  Shortly thereafter, they ended the Korean War.


ch said...

Interesting. Mulcair talks about change and doing politics differently, but he comes across as more of the the same in that respect. Trudeau may be a better messenger for change and doing politics differently.

Omar said...

It's the early-mid 80s all over again. Back then the Libs and PCs had each others leader! The Conservatives with the flawlessly bilingual Quebec smoothie Mulroney and the Liberals in turn with the staid and Waspy westerner John Turner. Same thing now. Mulcair seems he would be a much better fit for the Liberals (the Cons even) and Trudeau the Younger seems tailor made for the NDP. I see where your dad is coming from though; Tom Mulcair as the heir apparent to the party of Tommy Douglas? Um, no.